Barefoot Create & Moonshine Abstract Art

Art House on the Hill

The working hub and gallery for 2 local acrylic pouring artists, Sheralyn McGlinchey of Barefoot Create and Judy Durkin of Moonshine Abstract Art. 

Sheralyn also creates amazing quilts and teaches her craft as well.  

We are two “retired” “young (tongue in cheek)” grey-haired friends who found creative solace in acrylic paint amidst the mayhem of a global pandemic.  We create, teach, continue to learn as well as share knowledge, and hopefully sell our beautiful things so we have room to create more beautiful things.


Acrylic Pour Abstract Art
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Textile Art
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(WOW Demonstrations throughout the day so you can see what all the fun is about

The Experience

Look at the world through the eyes of an artist:

Creative people seek out new experiences, sensations and states of mind – and this openness is a significant predictor of creative output.

One of the true beauties of acrylic pouring is the randomness of how fluid paints interact. Mixing paint in a freeform fluid state. It forces experimentation from the mere curiosity of resulted reactions. Resulting in one-off artworks from the vibrant to the dark and moody. But the real thrill for the artists is controlling the uncontrollable into something beautiful. It’s when you start experimenting by adding other elements and application techniques to the pour that the fun really begins. Be inspired; the elements of surprise, the cells, the colours and all these magical moments are why you should love Acrylic Pour.

Art House on the Hill artists Sheralyn & Judy

Have you experimented with anything new lately?  find something you do every day and do it differently,  go listen to a band you have never heard of before, try a new hairstyle…


36 Roderick St, Dayboro


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