creativity is experimtenting, learning, changing

Creativity isn’t about staying the same. I am an artist, a storyteller and visual poet.  Always I am allowing and discovering. Artist are seekers who let creative impulse lead them. Artists are learners who work with their skills so they can flow in their ideas without wondering ‘how?’ People always ask how I make my … Read more

Always time to play.

Moving things around my space has required me to look into boxes and under pieces of paper and things I can’t remember owning or making. We do that keep things because they evoke a memory or most importantly a feeling. At uni this semester I am being asked to create a feeling that someone else … Read more

A Different Place

This last ten days I have been part of a uni group painting a mural on the waterpipe from the Thomson River to the town of Longreach. It is always worth the drive to find a greater sense of being creative in Queensland. I will be reflecting on it during Tawny Trails this month. Preparing … Read more