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Housed in Dayboro’s historic butter factory building, you will find Bohemian Decor’s curated collection of Norman Lindsay art and books. This collection extends from bookplates to novels to the magnificent original etching of ‘Pantera’.

Norman Lindsay (1879-1969), was a hugely influential person on the development of Australian art culture, despite often being shunned in his lifetime for his outspoken ways and what was then considered lewd art. This was also contributed to by his strongly anti-religious attitude, which was often reflected in his works. Lindsay was well known for his dislike of wowsers, and detested being told what to create. In spite of this negativity, Lindsay was a prolific and wide-ranging artist, from cartoons to sculptures to writing, and a great supporter of fellow artists.

Bohemian Decor has Dayboros’ finest assemblage of rare and interesting books, ephemera and artwork in addition to antique and vintage wares. Leatherwork is also done in-house, handcrafted using traditional methods.

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The Experience

Look at the world through the eyes of an artist:

“The best love affairs are those we never had”
― Norman Lindsay

Australian artist Norman Lindsay was one of ten children born into the celebrated Lindsay family of Creswick, Victoria, five of whom became significant artists, greatly influencing the direction of Australian art in the early 20th Century.

A highly prolific artist, at his peak Lindsay would wake early in the morning and create an entire watercolour before breakfast, then move into his etching studio where he would work for hours. The afternoons were devoted to working on concrete sculptures in the garden, the evenings to writing one of his many novels including his iconic children’s classic, The Magic Pudding (1918) (Cooks Hill Galleries)

Let yourself get so absorbed in what you are doing that the world just passes by…



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