A Wild & Wonderful World

So what is Creative Living?

Let’s put it out there …you do not have to create any form of art at all to enjoy a life of creative living. The essence of Creative living is living a life that is driven more strongly by curiosity than by fear. Fear of not conforming to the masses. Essentially striving for a more deeply meaningful life.

It’s about being happy with who you are, ignoring social labels and judgment. being your authentic self with pride and self-confidence.  Creative living is simple, joyous, and honest.

Curiosity: what’s that? Look closer, follow your interests and your beliefs. Everybody’s curiosity is different and will create a life unique to you.

Key elements for living creatively are:

  • Have new experiences that challenge how you think about yourself and the world
  • Be a giving person, willing to share your time with others
  • self-acceptance
  • Taking the time, the time to think, the time to be still, the time to listen
  • The capacity to experience intense emotions – Both positive and negative

Throughout the website, you will find insights into life through the eyes of the artists. See and experience what it takes to live creatively from those of whom it comes naturally.

Art is never just a thing

Art is not just about putting pencil to paper or brush to canvas. Art is a way of seeing the world, a way of expression, and sometimes a need

Art can be exciting, empowering, and an expression of love. But most of all, it is an extension of the artist themselves.

Most of us know the feeling of being moved by a work of art, whether it is a song, a play, a poem, a novel, a painting. When you find a connection to an art piece, a memory is triggered, an emotion or a feeling.

Now take that feeling and imagine it in everything you do; baking a cake, doing your daughter’s hair, completing that document….. Now your connection with these tasks is real. You want to bake that cake and do your daughter’s hair, over and over to keep that feeling alive. That is the gift an artist gives through their work.

Now imagine having to give that feeling away, over and over again. It can be empowering, enthralling, and motivating, but also draining. To give a little of yourself with each artwork, the mood you are in, the pain, the love, the excitement. Art is never just a thing.

Creative fashion

Due to the internet opening up access to masses of artists, it has never been more critical for an artist to create a unique art style, to stand out in the crowd. To create something truly different, your essence needs to be different. You need to think differently, see things from another point of view. You can’t be a follower. You can’t conform to the masses. It’s a part of who an artist is and also the reason that most dress differently, too. And part because living in Australia means the starving artist analogy comes into play, so you need to get creative in expenses as well.


To that matter, up-cycling and op-shopping came on trend very conveniently and aided in the arty look. Artists also like to support other creatives, including cloths designers adding to a unique style.

As you visit each different art space on the Tawny Trails, make a mental note of what each artist is wearing and see if their style is mimicked in their artwork?

The Black Sheep

There is also an underlying black sheep (black clothing symbolism) anomaly of an artist being on the outside of the standard norms. Sometimes even going as far as outcasts. This often actually facilitated the freedom for them to do and live however they want. That is a kind of cherished reality that non-artists may never realise and is kind of an in-house connection between artists.


Creating art is largely a solo mission, and this alone can create an isolation bubble from the rest of the world. When you are wrapped in your own thoughts, day in and day out, the outside stuff becomes fuzzy and unfamiliar. Relating to others can sometimes become a challenge because of the disconnection.

After the COVID lockdown…. how did you feel getting out and about? Did you fall instantly back into the usual routines and relationship connections? You may have just experienced some of the struggle’s artists deal with on a regular basis in relation to social connections. Experience …tick