Cultural and Artistic Diversity

Dayboro Art Gallery

Just outside Brisbane, nestled in the scenic embrace of Dayboro, lies a cultural treasure that serves as the vibrant heart of the local arts scene—the Dayboro Art Gallery. This state-of-the-art venue is much more than a gallery; it’s a community cornerstone that showcases the diverse and dynamic spirit of over thirty local artists. With an array of artworks spanning various styles and genres, this gallery not only promises an eye-opening exploration of artistic expression but also challenges and broadens your personal tastes.

The Dayboro Art Gallery stands as a testament to the creativity and passion that thrives in the region. It’s a place where art comes alive, telling stories of landscapes, emotions, and the human condition through the brushes, lenses, and hands of award-winning artists who have made their mark both locally and across South East Queensland. The gallery’s collection is a continuous celebration of creativity, offering pieces that range from traditional to contemporary, ensuring there’s something to intrigue every visitor.

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The Experience

Look at the world through the eyes of an artist:

Most influencing experiences: My grade 8 art teacher and a very supportive mother encouraged me to go to art school way back when. I’ve had an extensive career as a graphic designer and art director. In later years, further study and teaching art have allowed me to return to my first love of painting

Mostly fun I have is usually teaching in class. One fellow was quite a good artist but he used to match a colour he wanted with a separate tube of paint… quite expensive until he came to my class and learnt how to mix colours with the basic 4 + black and white. He was delighted. Funny!!! (Sharon Harper-Greentree)

Who are you, and what do you do? I am a retired Customer Service Manager who was inspired by my wife’s mosaic creations to take up this art form. I enjoy creating items with bright colours and unusual designs. I have mosaicked items such as a full size surfboard, chairs and many garden ornaments. I prefer to use recycled materials such as china, pebbles, mirror and broken ceramic tiles, although this is not always possible. I have been enjoying this art form now for about 14 years. (Peter Charlish)

Gallery Members Libby North & Majella Holton

How to see like an artist:

Observe everythingThink of a theme, like an eye or a heart. Then see how many you can find in your surroundings throughout the day. In the knots of a tree, cracks in the sidewalk or shadows and the like.

Look closerPick up a leaf, a small Knotted twig, or a rock. Look closely at its patterns, shapes and colours

Take note of your emotions – How are you feeling today? What colour would describe your mood?

Experiment and experience – Eat something different, try something new

Explore – go to all those places you say you will but never have. Go for a walk, visit a Museum or new café

Reflect – Make a note of the beautiful, the gentle, the magical, and ask why?


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Every Day
10am to 3pm

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But the journey doesn’t end here. As part of the Tawny Trails, the gallery is a gateway to a wider world of artistic and creative exploration in the Moreton Bay region:

  • Woodside Ceramics offers a tactile exploration of earthy creations and vibrant glazes, inviting you to appreciate the beauty of handmade pieces. Learn more at Woodside Ceramics.

  • Running Duck Studio, a mobile art gallery housed in a classic 1975 caravan, showcases artworks filled with cheeky Aussie humour and a touch of whimsy. Discover more at Running Duck Studio.

  • Robyn Darling Images captures the essence of Australia through the lens of photographic artist Bobbie Jones, focusing on nature, the unusual, and abstract. Visit Robyn Darling Images for a glimpse into her world.

  • Christa’s Art and Gilding blends bold expressions with subtle gilding to create art that speaks to the soul, now also featuring the innovative world of NFTs. Explore further at Christa’s Art and Gilding.

  • The Good Egg Gallery in Samford Valley is a dynamic space fostering the local creative community, showcasing a wide range of artists and artworks. Learn more about their offerings at The Good Egg Gallery.

  • Dayboro Craft Princess encourages sustainable creativity through workshops using recycled materials, perfect for those who love to get hands-on. Find out more at Dayboro Craft Princess.

  • Dinkidi Australia presents the artistic duo Diane and Gaetano, blending traditional and contemporary art forms in their unique creations. Dive into their world at Dinkidi Australia.

Each of these offerings along the Tawny Trails, including the Dayboro Art Gallery, invites you on a journey of discovery, expression, and connection. It’s a celebration of the rich tapestry of art that makes the Moreton Bay region a true cultural gem. Whether you’re an art aficionado or simply looking for a glimpse into the creative soul of Queensland, the Dayboro Art Gallery and the Tawny Trails await to welcome you into a world where art is not just seen but experienced.