Hay Cottage

For the historical enthusiasts on the Tawny Trail Hay Cottage represents the oldest surviving privately constructed residence in the Pine Rivers area, originally built in 1869.

This locations primary function today is as an outlet for members to show and sell their handmade items.

We have a wide variety of art and craft on sale, including paintings, crochet, knitting, patchwork, quilting, appliqué, woodwork (incl. children’s accessories), leather-work, embroidery, folk art, decoupage, cross-stitch, ceramics, children’s clothing, baby items, jewellery, floral art, novelty items and Hay Cottage souvenirs. The list just goes on and on. We have items for every room in the house, everyone on your gift list, and for every occasion, all at affordable prices.

Hand Crafted Pottery
One-off Bags and accessories
Creative Woodwork
Home Made Jams & Chutneys
Cute & Wacky Novelty Items

The Experience

Look at the world through the eyes of an artist:

Craft can be an emotional outlet or some sort of creative meditation

Sometimes I love crafting because it’s better than cleaning the bathroom. Sometimes I love it because it’s just plain fun, And sometimes I love it because it allows me to tell someone how much I love them…in ways that words just can’t.

But the real reason I love crafting – the thing that never ceases to thrill me about my hobby of choice – is the feeling that when I’m making something, I’m tapping into some sort of magic. It’s the idea that I can take raw materials – cloth, thread, yarn – and, with the perfect mix of time, effort and imagination, turn it into something special. The idea that a tiny, ordinary action, repeated ten-thousandfold, can produce a scarf, a sweater, a quilt; something that wraps you up, keeps you warm, makes you feel loved. It’s the most ordinary thing – but it’s also the most magical. (Canadian Living)

Give it a go; there are so many different crafts out there to choose from. If you find that working in three dimensions and modeling things in your hands is what makes you tick, then go for clay, candle, or soap projects.

The next best thing is to surround yourself with all your crafty loves and the Hay Cottage is one of the best places to discover something crafty special 


29 Williams St


Every day
10am to 3pm 

NO booking