" Upcycling Wonderland "

***Please note Artwork can be viewed at Woodford art Gallery OPEN Saturdays***

Nigindi Gallery

You will find a selection of Nigindi art in the Woodford Art Gallery  Mixed media, mosaic and sculptural pieces by Carol Robinson.

Carol has mastered the art of selecting materials that age gracefully. Mosaic is an ancient art form that uses small pieces to create beautiful images.  It dates back to Mesopotamia, close to 4000 years ago.

Sculptural pieces utilize the raw beauty of things like twisted knots and weathering of wood. Intertwined with clay and recycled pieces, these artworks are truly unique.

The outdoor garden collection draws on the playfulness of the likes of a mad hatters tea party mixed with sparkle and light. 

Repurposing, Recycling, and Upcycling means each artwork has sustainable and environmental benefits; Extending the useful life of materials and, consequently, reducing the amount of waste generated. Not to mention the magic of story and character that can be found in such materials.

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Garden Art
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The Experience

Look at the world through the eyes of an artist:

In my art I incorporate Wood, Leather, Clay, Tiles, Glass, Jewellery and basically anything that catches my imagination. Shape, Colour and Texture are what draws me to use. People ask what my style is, I have to say I believe it is eclectic.

Repurposing, Recycling and Upcycling have got a hold of me, and I love creating fabulous pieces of art out of someone’s junk. It is a treasure to me, and it drives and challenges my imagination. I love seeing the results.

After a lot of encouragement from family and friends, I had a very successful solo exhibition 7 years ago. I have since gone on to exhibit at many Galleries and won awards for my work.

A creative can become fascinated by texture and pattern and arranging seemingly unrelated materials into a cohesive whole. They view all of life as an opportunity for self-expression.  As a way to test your creative mind.

Why not give a simple mosaic a go? You can start as simple as cut up bits of paper or cardboard and glue.



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