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Running Duck Studio

Running Duck Studio is a mobile art gallery set up in a repurposed classic 1975 caravan. Displayed in the gallery are artworks by an award-winning artist as well as a selection of functional art pieces

A little bit of cheeky Aussie humour, and a touch of whimsy,  for that light-hearted place in your soul, just when you need it.

The free will of the ink as it splashes almost with its own agenda, shaping the artwork into something with a sense of freedom and emotion. There tends to be an aspect of cartoon in most works, shaped by the years spent drawing for Walt Disney Animation Australia.

The sweep of linework was developed while experimenting during university days. It adds a sense of movement to each piece and has become a recognised feature of Running Duck Studio artworks.


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The Experience

Look at the world through the eyes of an artist:

Slightly worried I may be taken away by the police one day. A lover of people watching. Always looking, always working. A quick snapshot of the cute kids holding hands dragging the teddy, or sketch in the always ready notepad

I love to listen and watch the emotions and expressiveness of people as they tell their stories, as it’s these elements that I am drawn to with my artwork

Holidays are seen through a lens. The trip is planned around finding unique experiences and locations. I don’t just see a pretty sunset.I scout out the site the day before and assess the foreground, shapes and possible angles, light direction and reflection, and composition. There is no satisfaction in a destination if it can not be captured

“I once trudged through mudflats at 4am to get in the best location before sunrise. Only dawning on me while standing in the darkness waiting for seemingly ever, that I was in croc territory….still stayed.”

When you are next in the city,  just sit… and watch…  guess what people are saying by watching their expressions, posture, and movements?


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