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Sandy Skinner Studio

Sandy shares a unique perspective on life and her place in it. She shares her journey with published books and artworks and would like to walk with you on your own journey to a beautiful life you wish for yourself. Offering Life Coaching: walking with others. It is about helping my clients dream the life they wish for, then creating ways forward so that those things wished for can become real in their lives.

“As an artist, I have had the joy to create from the deep, quiet part of my being which has not words. I am delighted when I get to share it with people who want to make stories in images a part of their lives too.”

At this Tawny Trails location, it’s more than about the visual and written word, it’s almost spiritual, aimed at finding self. Talk with Sandy, and she will show how she lets her thoughts and state of mind at the moment create an extension of herself in her art. Be inspired to find the best you

“Journey to Beautiful” is a gorgeous colouring book with soul. The first book of only images drawn over several years and taken straight from her journal. Sandy’s second book “Towards” is full of beautiful thoughts and artworks about life. This join-me-journal invites you to face towards yourself and love who you find

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The Experience

Look at the world through the eyes of an artist:

In the middle of my life I found myself cornered in a box that I didn’t fit in anymore and I didn’t have the right potion or notion for like Alice in Wonderland did. I have come to find out all I had to do was stand up and be. The best and hardest thing I have had to do is choose to be seen in my own life. It allowed for me to see myself and circumstances for all sorts of other angles and begin to create a different way forward. And here I am.

As an artist I love to paint and draw. As a story teller I have begun to tell the possibility of some of my paintings. It is such joy.

Creating is a part of who I am and have always been. I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t making or writing or painting. Experts will tell you its therapeutic worth but that diminishes the joy and self expression that an artist knows to something you need to be unhealthy to engage with.

Creating is about evidencing what isn’t yet into what is, simply for the love of the creation. That is the power and the beauty of it. Love.

Why not make some spare time to focus on just you. Whether through some form of meditation or just finding a quiet space in your backyard. Take a pen or pencil and a notepad into your space with you and just make some marks on the page. See where it takes you…


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