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Slickers Horse Riding

With koala forest, grassy hills, rainforested creeks, dense bush, deep gullies, mountainous terrain, you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience each time.

They have over 180 horses that are suited to riders of all levels of experience. No matter whether you happen to be a seasoned rider looking for a weekend escape or possibly someone looking for an opportunity to have your first time sitting in the saddle. Rest assured, they have a horse, a trail, and an activity suited to you!

Slickers Horse Riding at Ocean View offers 2hr trail rides, 2 1/2hr adventure rides and full-day Winery rides. Camping available

This Tawny Trails location supports the arts with access to the 3500 acres of property. Nature lovers, painters, and photographers delight, full of beauty and inspiration.

Note: Slickers also have a property at Kuwongbah

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The Experience

Look at the world through the eyes of an artist:

Power and perfection
Strength, swiftness, majestic beauty, dedication and at the same time — sensitivity and vulnerability… What an amazing creature! Horses are one of the first objects of fine art, depicted in cave paintings, and used in numerous sculptures. Horses have been considered sacred animals from ancient times. They are associated with fertility and connected with omens, sorcerers and pagan deities. Many people drew inspiration from the external beauty of these animals, but they also felt something else — the element of freedom hidden under the mane. – (

Slickers offer you a chance to experience the magic of horses with guided trails through an equally inspiring countryside:

Spending time with horses has a calming effect and increases positive emotions. Speak softly and slowly approach the horse from a front angle, where he can see you. Present your hand to the animal to let him get a smell of you (palms pointing down and held flat and open). If the horse smells you and touches your hand with their nose, even if just very lightly, then you have the horse’s okay to be stroked. Move to the horse’s shoulder, talking to it as you do so. Make sure it can see you. Gently stroke it around the neck, shoulder, and mane. Use a rubbing or a gentle scratching motion — never a slapping or patting motion.


190 Ocean View
Rd, Ocean View



BOOKING Required
0405 397 923

Access to horses and property
only through booking/appointment