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Uluramaya Retreat

Uluramaya Retreat allows you to reconnect with nature nestled at the top of a natural eucalypt forest with stunning views through the Glass House Mountains out to the Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay

A spiritual space very conducive to meditation, yoga, and creative retreats and workshops. GROUP BOOKINGS ONLY

Hire this venue & grounds and Uluramaya can help you plan the perfect nature-inspired retreat

Add a creative workshop to your trail’s adventure. With a minimum of eight people, we can put together a fun clay workshop for your group of family. 

Uluramaya Retreat also boasts an 800mtr walk to Fern Gully Shelter, an exclusive on-site day area nestled within the forest featuring a fire pit teepee and shelter to seat twenty.

Hire for an event and let the Tawny Trails entertain your guests. Join a regular creative workshop & GROUP ACCOMMODATION also available

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The Experience

Look at the world through the eyes of an artist:

“It’s these special moments when I know I’m in the right job …watching people switch off from the world and zone into their creative selves”- Sue (Uluramaya Retreat)

Tactile manipulation of this earthy substance makes users feel more connected with life. Clay can root, calm and stabilise the emotions of the user. 

We use our hands for clay. Tactile contact — the first form of communication we learn as infants — is a very primal mode of expression.

“Seeing your own finger marks, intentional and accidental, means that a part of you is forever connected with every piece.” – Kelli Blanchard

Even a light touch on a lump of clay leaves an imprint. Our ability to make an impact, to transform something, is unmistakable – Jo-Ann Finkelstein, Ph.D

Creativity is a key part of wellbeing and healing. Uluramaya clay workshops are a great opportunity to get your hands in clay and have fun. Create a clay chicken guided by resident artist Sue. A great workshop for beginners


228 McConnell Rd, Wamuran



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