Journey of earth and fire

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Woodside Ceramics

Embark on an artistic journey that embraces the essence of Australian creativity at Woodside Ceramics, a charming studio nestled in Dayboro, Queensland. This hidden gem, run by a passionate husband and wife team, is a sanctuary where the earth’s raw beauty is moulded into exquisite ceramic pieces that tell a story of elegance, timelessness, and modern flair.

As you step into Woodside Ceramics, you’ll be greeted by an array of vibrant glazes set against the natural, understated beauty of raw stoneware clay. Each piece, a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship and love poured into its creation, invites you to appreciate the perfectly imperfect character that only handmade items possess. Here, the beauty of our natural surroundings is captured and shared through each unique creation, offering a piece of the serene Dayboro landscape to take home with you.

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But the journey doesn’t end there. Dive deeper into the world of pottery with our Taste of Pottery Session, an intimate one-hour experience designed for those eager to dip their hands into the clay and shape their masterpieces. At $75 per person, it’s an opportunity not to be missed for anyone looking to explore their creative side in a welcoming and inspirational environment. Reserve your spot today by visiting our website: Woodside Ceramics and let us guide you through the joyous process of pottery making.

The Experience

Look at the world through the eyes of an artist:

The calming effect;
As clay is thrown on the wheel, the clay platelets slide over each other. It’s an extraordinary sensation to have a solid form that expands or contracts between your fingers. The slippery beauty of clay is quite addictive.

It is a reasonably physical hobby. Bags of clay weight 12.5 kg, so just lifting those around is a mini-workout. The kneading of clay and upward pulls on the wheel all get the muscles going

Even if a design is to be made repeatedly there are subtle differences between each piece. Every piece of handmade pottery is genuinely unique – that’s why I love it.

After cooking meat, baking clay was the first thing that humans did to chemically alter our environment on purpose. It’s a romantic notion to think of someone digging up my pottery in a few thousand years

love of clay – and the power of touch.

Woodside Ceramics offers some brilliant 1-hour pottery introduction sessions. Be sure to visit their website to book your experience 🙂


20 McKenzie St


Tawny Trails
& Thu, Fri, Sat
10am – 2pm

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Woodside Ceramics is but one stop on the vibrant Tawny Trails, a self-drive arts, food, and accommodation experience that celebrates the spirit of creativity in the Moreton Bay region. As you plan your visit, consider exploring other captivating Creative Locations along the trail:

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Woodside Ceramics and the Tawny Trails invite you to embark on a journey of discovery, creativity, and connection. Join us in celebrating the artistic spirit that thrives in the Moreton Bay region. Whether you’re an art enthusiast or simply seeking a unique experience, the Tawny Trails offer a pathway to explore, create, and be inspired.